This Contract shall commence on the effective date hereof and shall remain in effect until 1 year, or the earlier termination of this Contract as provided in this Article.

11.1 By Client

a. This Contract may be terminated by the Buyer after follow the process established in the Web Design and Development Agreement in specific to the Acceptance Period, and Correction of Deviations from Specifications. If after follow these process 3 times the Buyer want to terminate this Contract, the Buyer may be terminated this Contract, with or without cause, by giving 15 business days written notice of such termination to the Company to the email [email protected]

b. Buyer may terminate this Contract immediately upon written notice to the Company to the email [email protected] in the event that the Company substantially breaches or defaults under any of Company’s obligations contained in this Contract or if the Company is unable to or refuses to perform services hereunder.

11.2. By Company

The Company may terminate the Contract upon not less than 5 days written notice in the event that the Buyer has failed to pay any outstanding invoice on the date due or within 10 days thereafter..

11.3. Upon the effective date of any termination of this Contract, all legal obligation, rights and duties arising out of this Contract shall terminate except that: (i) Buyer shall remain obligated to pay any balance due to the Company for services provided hereunder and related to the terms established in Payment Plan. (ii) The Confidentiality Restrictions, Ownership of Proprietary Rights Provisions, and Independent Contractor provisions of this Contract shall continue to apply and shall survive the termination of this Agreement as ongoing covenants between the parties.